Moutherot vineyards

Mathieu Colin

Winery Moutherot

L'eglise Perched on a hill foothills of the Massif de la Serre on the edge of Jura and Haute Sa˘ne Moutherot dominates the village of West Valley Ognon plains east of Doubs.
An exceptional view offers to visitors who can see all the small villages around the Citadel of Besanšon and far clear days Mont Blanc, Mont Poupet the Ballon d'Alsace.
Some old houses with narrow streets form the center of the village around the town hall and the church. It remains nothing priory "little monastery" which gave its name to Moutherot.
Only a small building to the roof of lava, "the monks cellar" testimony of a distant past that apart from roads to the site attracts its panorama.
Cyclists and cyclists appreciate the elevation to cross to get there, walkers are many trails to borrow starting ╔trabonne that lead through the woods.
The village is quiet : no hotels, no shops, no schools, which did not prevent the dramatic increase in population.

Formerly "smallest village in the canton of Audeux" Moutherot now the 145 inhabitants a figure never reached. They were 134 in 1790, 103 in 1846 and the exodus to the cities began in the early twentieth century when phylloxera hit hard vineyards that were the villagers live. In 1960 there were more than 20 people.

A revival with the vineyard

vue depuis les hauteurs The vine planted by the Benedictines in the fifteenth century and covered the hills out of sight until the late nineteenth century had disappeared. Few acres had been planted by farmers are around.

In 1987, Henri Colin realized his childhood dream of planting the vine he walked with his grandfather. Year after year land plot at the expense of hard work the vineyard has grown to cover 7.5 hectares planted with Chardonnay.

His son Matthew, 21 years after studying at school Beaune wine and Bac pro "viticulture" in his pocket, he took over passion has always been for the vines.

Since its inception the vineyard is grown without pesticides and without fertilizers without weeding, the objective of Mathieu does not lack ambition is to get the name "organic" for its wine.
It does not return the horse there are now devices very suitable for organic farming, the environment.